Lauren Kessler 

My Intuitive Body Scan was absolutely incredible. Amy picked up on things I thought I had rid myself of but I now know I need to work on some more. She also picked up on blocks that explain so much of what’s going on. I can’t say enough good things about Amy and her amazing gifts!

Lucia Kerr

Amy did an intuitive body scan for me and it was mind blowing, she pointed out a few things that I needed to address that I had buried so deep within myself that I actually stopped thinking about or even paying attention.  It was great and I have been able to work on areas of myself that needed a great deal of attention. <3<3 all I can do is say thank you and appreciate what you have brought to my attention.  You are an amazing person with an extra amazing gift.

Meegan J

 wanted to keep my review "clean" but holy f%$@ you are one of a kind Amy!!! I'll be honest I had no idea what to expect from the intuitive body scan but WOW was the report on point. I knew about some things but others not so much and though the info I have received has/is helping me physically, emotionally and spiritually to heal and better my overall wellness. 

In the past I used to get so frustrated knowing when something was off with my health but no doctors could tell me what and tests showed nothing. I wish you were around then lol But seriously, you have an amazing gift and I can't recommend you enough especially to those willing to look into alternative ways.


Thank you so so much Amy 

Kathy Aguayo

I am so thankful for Amy and the intuitive body scan she did for me!  She's kind, caring, and so incredibly gifted. She gave me insight that was not only accurate but also so incredibly helpful. I had a better understanding of myself.  I received amazing guidance on what I need to release and focus on to move forward in my journey of being my best self. I also recieved guidance for improving some physical issues and increasing my energy. Amy has the ability to help heal your body, mind/emotions, and soul. It's truly amazing. �  I strongly recommend working with her, she's wonderful! Thank you again, Amy!!