Your Inner voice. Do you listen to her?

When you hear that faint voice, do you listen to it or do you push it off as something wildly crazy and there's no way that could be the path?

Do you seek out others opinions rather than trusting your own higher self?

She knows the way, it's just so very hard to trust ourselves.

The reason for that is usually internal self betrayal, basically we have abandon ourselves.

We have crossed our own boundaries so many times that we no longer trust ourselves to be their for ourself!

We have watched ourself make decisions that don't feel good over and over, so now, we no longer trust ourselves.

The way back to trusting yourself again is to honor your feelings, and listen to them.

When something doesn't feel right, a boundary is most likely being crossed.

So start with paying attention to how you FEEL.

Listen to your personal truths, so you can start trusting YOU again, and listen closely to that inner voice, your higher self, It knows why your here, and how to best guide you through this journey.

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