Worry is still trying to control.....Surrender & Trust

I'm sharing because I’ve learned that surrendering and learning to trust one step at a time is the only thing that will give me peace.

As someone who grew up with fears of abandonment and not being wanted I was anxious ALL THE TIME.

Like it literally was always there. The fear feeling in the back ground.

The constant worry of people disappearing. The constant feeling that something bad is going to happen.

At this point in my life surrendering and trusting to be led, trusting I’m taken care of, that I’m loved by God/Source/Universe is what will give me peace.

I still forget.

I still go through days where I stress myself out to the max, where I obsess over things, where I am all up in my head and can't get out, Or at least I think I can't get out.

I will lay awake at night wondering how I am going to "fix" a situation, let worse case scenario run through my head, take Cbd to take the edge off and just totally forget to pray about it.

I don't know how I forget. Well, yes I do, it's because this is how I lived my whole life.

It's habit. It's my paradigm, it's what i've always done and it takes time to create a new habit of surrender.

So, eventually I come around and it hits me again, " Oh yeah, I can pray, I can ask God to take this problem I have and solve it, to lead me to my next steps, to have my back, to do whatever Spirit does to help, because love has my back. ( And yours too).

When I pray, God shows up. When I'm feeling like things are hopeless, the universe will bring someone to show me, " I"m here with you". It's happened to me twice in the last couple weeks.

One was someone showing up at my work and asking if I need prayer, said she was led to that restaurant that day, why? Because I needed her. lol. I needed to know I wasn't alone that God was listening to me and cared about my problems.

Then a week later ran into an old friend from a church, she spoke all kinds of positive words over me, again, just being told, " Im here, trust".

I'm writing this because someone else needs this.

It doesn't matter if you grew up in a church or were never taught there is a source of love "out there" you can pray.

Whatever that means to you.

For a second, believe that there is a power greater than you, and and surrender.

Gabby gives a prayer in this book,

"Thank you universe for guiding me on this path to becoming new. I honor this vision of how I want to feel, I am willing to receive guidance now"

That's a pretty powerful prayer. But what you do afterwards is the hard part. LET GO.

Ever hear that saying, "Let go and let God?"

Learning to trust and surrender is one of the hardest things ever.

But it's like a muscle, the more you do it, and God shows up, the more you are able to surrender.

I'm telling you, I have friends that sometimes think I"m crazy for the life I live and how I rely on God for things, but he wants to show up for us.

I'm learning to surrender when i'm worrying.

Try the prayer.....Let go....then listen for guidance. It comes in mysterious ways. People showing up, songs, books, you will be surprised.

Watch how love will show up for you.

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