Who am I?

Sometimes I don't like writing " Who am I" because how do we identify ourselves? Is it by what we do for living?

Who we serve?

If we are a girlfriend, wife, mom?

What defines who we are anyway?

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master Healer, Certified in Energy work, Intuitive, and love network Marketing.

I'm a mom of four. My kids are 25, 18, 16, 14.

I was married for 17 years, divorced now and dating Joe for almost three years.

Joe's a private chef, so another hat I wear is his partner, server, dishwasher, picture taker, and social media manager. lol.

I will tell you about my past, only because it helps people relate to me, and who I have become.

But just like you, I am growing and changing every single day.

When I'm helping people I am in my element.

I like to say it's my calling to help and guide others.

I didn't always know that helping people was my calling but being a stay at home mom and homeschool mom for quite some years, my life was devoted to taking care of other people.

11 years ago, I had tongue cancer, and that started me on a journey of caring more about Health and Wellness and spiritual things and wanting to help others.

Originally I became a Health Coach because I wanted to help educate on our bodies and how to NOT get cancer but it just morphed into more and more.

From Health Coaching to Reiki Healing to Intuitive readings, to mindset coaching and then it always seems to go back to Health and wellness.

Being in the online space, I have always been told to narrow down my "niche" to specific people, and I have had an extremely hard time doing that.

I find it very difficult to narrow it down to people who have gut issues, or people who have had cancer, or don't want cancer, or women in crappy relationships.

I want to help with everything.

Health- Feeling better. If we don't have health, and we feel icky, tired, sick, in pain we are not living our best life. Obviously.

Spirituality- Whew. This is a big one and I feel a blog post brewing about this. But I believe everyone needs a connection and support with a higher power. Whatever that means to you.

I have been around the block with it, growing up Christian, with still some Christian beliefs but also outside of that box.

Healing and Intuitive work- I love being the vessel that LOVE provides healing through.

I do distance energy healing, body scans and intuitive readings.

Relationships- I"m no expert, I'm not perfect and I do not have the perfect relationship. But I have learned alot going through 17 years of marriage, divorce, and growing myself and love to help women in their relationships by working on themselves. YEP. Themselves. Focus on you because your spouse is a mirror. :). EEK right?

Mindset- I've studied it, I practice it, I've been trained under Bob Proctor and many other amazing mindset coaches. It's super important.

Wealth/Freedom- I LOVE Network Marketing.

It can provide financial freedom, healthy body, big time growth as a person, coming out of your shell, another "family", support, love, etc.

When i'm helping others in these areas, I am thriving and happy.

It's when I am in the highest vibration.

My biggest goal is to help women to be healthy and happy with time freedom and finances so they don't have so much stress in their life.

This is why I have so much belief in Network Marketing and what it can provide for people.

That will be another blog!

Thank you for being here, for reading, and interacting.

If you have found me its because you were meant to!

We are on eachothers paths for a reason and I look forward to getting to know you and hopefully helping you in some way to better your day and life. :)

Much love!!!


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