What are we here for?

Updated: Feb 20

First blog post....... New adventure. I'm thinking deep this morning and wrote a post in my group for women. Then I thought I'd like to share it with others, but who wants to read super long posts on FB, and Instagram limits what you can write, so here I am starting a blog on my website.

I had a blog 11 years ago when I was going through cancer and people used to tell me I should write a book.

But about what? lol.

All I do is share my mind and what I'm thinking and I swear, The more I learn and read the more I feel like I know absolutely nothing.

This morning I was reading the Book a course in miracles made easy and it really got me thinking what we are even here for.

We all go on this journey called life and have so many experiences, and we are all so different, yet all so much the same.

I shared something from the book this morning about since we were a little child we've been judged, graded, evaluated, rated, compared on everything we did.

If we didn't do, act, appear like other babies, kids, teens, women, men etc, then there's something wrong with us. We are told we are "naughty" or "bad" if we don't listen to our parents, or do what they want us to do, but are they even right? Do they really even know what's best? Or do they just want us to accommodate them and their wants and needs?

Life becomes an endless contest for pleasing others, the best grades, top team, best car, biggest house, best dressed, best body, etc etc. It goes on and on.

Comparison is a thief of Joy. It starts SO early in life, and and just continues.

We do it to our children, we teach it. " Look at so and so over there how good they are" , and so it begins.

I'm not sure how we can put an end to it except for ourselves.

We start with ourselves. Stop comparing. yourself to everyone else, and what they look like and what they wear, drive, live in, do for a living.

When you judge others, you are judging yourself.

I speak to myself here too, we can only control ourselves and when we change ourselves, it will eventually impact others.

When we have children, we can share with them what we learn, or what we unlearn.

Sometimes I'm sure my kids think I'm crazy because I share as I learn. Sometimes I put things into practice, and then slip. I slip up and go back to my old ways.

It's just all part of the journey. I live and learn and my kids live and learn. They look to me for answers that I may not have.

Sometimes the decisions I make highly effect my children, and sometimes it doesn't really effect them at all.

Sometimes our kids know more than we do, but we don't want to hear them out because we think we are older and wiser, but really, we need to UNLEARN the programming that we grew up believing. I see this play out with my kids, They come with knowledge that I don't have. Do we ever stop and listen to them?

Confusing right?

I think much of this started for me when I started homeschooling my kids and questioning the ways of the world. Why do we put our kids on school buses and ship them off for the day to all learn the same thing when we are all so different?

Who said they need to do that? Who first decided that we should send our kids somewhere else all day?

When did the separation begin?

When I tried to conform and my child wasn't fitting the box, he should be medicated because he can't sit there all day?

It's all so crazy. But we follow it. We just follow along and do what everyone else does.

These are just my thoughts..... Everyone has an opinion and everyone is on their own journey.

I know there will be people who agree with this, ponder this, and there will be people who think it's crazy and will argue their points as to why things are they way they are.

I won't respond to arguing with people who think they know what's best for someone else.

I don't want to argue. I want to honor where other people are at in this journey and learn not to judge anyone for their beliefs.

Something I've realized is that we as individuals always think our ways are right, our thinking is the "right" one and the other person is doing it wrong or could be doing it better.

But that's not truth.

We do it alot in our relationships with partners.

If they aren't doing what we want or expect or what we think is right, we judge them and criticize them.

I'm no better. I do it too. But some days I will see myself doing it, and then think, oh shit, I'm doing it again. ( Eye roll!)

Who knows where this blog thing will go. I write to get things out of my own head, I share my life and thoughts so other people don't feel alone.

My. next post is already brewing in my mind, it's about me, and what I stand for, at least on this 31st day of January 2022. hahah.

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