Trauma & Breathwork

But I don't have any childhood trauma 🤷🏼‍♀️

That’s what many people say, because they don’t really know what caused “trauma” in their life.

Could have anything at all.

How a parent spoke of you, to you, how teachers spoke to you. Things you saw that you don’t recall, relationships, bullies. The list goes on and on.

It gets stuck in your cells.

It causes dis-ease in your body.

It causes panic attacks when you have no idea what your panicking about…..

Science has now proven that everything that has ever happened to us and up to 14 generations of our ancestors are recorded in our cells, as DNA 🧬⁠

At Emory University they did a study on mice and gave them an electric shock next to the scent of a cherry blossom, activating a trauma response that was connected to the scent 🌸⚡⁠

14 generations of mice later, the babies were placed next to the cherry blossom scent and the mice still freaked out. Fight or flight, stress hormones, clearly a visceral response.⁠

If this carries over to humans, and there's no biological reason why it wouldn't, then that means we're ALL carrying the traumas of 14 generations of our ancestors...⁠

All the war, poverty, shame, guilt, repression, suppression, abuse, hate, anger, racism... smothering of love from you mom, all of it, carried in each of us at the cellular and subconscious level ⚛️⁠

But here's the good news...⁠

Breathwork is the doorway to our subconscious mind.⁠

It is one of the fastest modalities that can access the subconscious without plant medicines, psychedelics, or hypnosis.⁠

And since we're 95% directed by our subconscious... with 70%-80% of those thoughts are negative, disempowering, self-sabotaging and limiting...⁠

It should be the standard that we collectively figure out how to bring up all that sh** that's buried down there...⁠

Affecting every single one of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and actions...⁠

Breathwork is the 🗝⁠

We just need the courage to open the door 🚪

Message me when your ready to do the work and start healing.

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