Stress, Anxiety, Immune system, heart coherence and breathwork.

Stress & Anxiety can cause many issues in the body because stress effects your immune system.

Getting your stress under control and gaining heart coherence can help give your body the tools it needs to start healing itself.

Most of us are running in a fight or flight mode all the time and that's not how our body is supposed to be living.

The heart represents health, wisdom, intuition, guidance, and higher intelligence.

It's very much connected to our emotions.

It has only been through the new science of the last few decades that we've began to recognize the true significance of the heart, both as a source that generates electromagnetic fields and as our connection to the unified field.

We know that the heart, beyond it's obvious role in sustaining life, is not just pumping blood, but is capable of influencing feelings and emotions.

The benefits of heart coherence are numerous, including lowering blood pressure, improving the nervous system, hormonal balance, and improving brain function.

When you maintain and sustain elevated emotional states, independent of your external environment, you can gain access to to the kind of high level intuition and fosters of better understanding of yourself, others, prevents stressful patterns, increases mental clarity, and promotes healthy gene expression.

So what does this all have to do with how we feel, being healthy or sick, or breathing? lol.

I'll explain.

Our nervous system is divided into two sub systems.

The sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

The sympathetic system, when it's switched on, regulates the bodys unconscious actions and responses, such as increased breathing, elevated heart rate, excess perspiration, dilation of the pupils, It stimulates fight or flight. ( should be when a real threat is imminent, but we are in this mode all the time, due to stress, worry, anxiety, which is NOT good for the body)

The parasympathetic performs the exact opposite, it conserves energy, relaxes the body, it works to keep our body in homeostasis, lowering heart rate, lowering blood pressure.

When in homeostasis, we feel safe and our body systems work in harmony.

We can intentionally effect the nervous system to create coherence with our mind and our breath. Over time, allowing the body to heal.

The sympathetic nervous system is activated mostly when we feel unsafe, unheard, unloved, threatened, The stress we experience when we feel unsafe is not necessarily about the event itself but the result of unmanaged emotional reaction to events.

We hold on to resentment, anger, frustration, hurt, which causes our internal equilibrium to be out of balance.

When in a state of chronic stress, the body struggles to maintain homeostasis and we begin to suffer from stress related symptoms and diseases.

When in this state of constant stress, it draws from the invisible energy field around our body and depletes our vital life source, leaving little time for repair and restoration.

Psychological stress is the strongest predictor of future cardiac events, including cardiac death, cardiac arrest and heart attack.

Every emotion we feel effects our heart.

When our heart energy is effected, our immune system is also effected.

We want to activate our parasympathetic system to allow healing in the body.

When the parasympathetic is activated and you are feeling safe, gratitude, feeling light, the energy of those feelings set in motion a cascade of at least 1400 biochemical changes in the body that promote growth and repair.

When you are feeling hurt, anger, stress, rage, competition, or frustration, all the low energy feelings, your heart becomes incoherent, you trigger the sympathetic system, and this trigger the release of approximately 1200 chemicals into the body equal to those feelings.

Long term stress has the body in state of incoherence, making you vulnerable to stress related health challenges.

When we live in emergency mode for extended periods of time, (Which most of us are)

it diminishes our vital energy field, then all of our energy is is directed to protect us from external threats, (even though there isn't any) evenntually, this leads to dysfunction of the immune system. Which causes dis-ease.

Sometimes we have unresolved emotions and trauma that are trapped in our body and we are running on fight or flight ALL THE TIME, which is terrible for the body.

So how can breathwork help you?

Doing Parasympathetic breathwork can help you relax, calm the stresses, help you get into a state where you are feeling safe and allow your body to start releasing the chemicals to allow healing.

Doing Sympathetic breathwork journeys can help you release trapped emotions and trauma that is stored in your cells, causing you to be in fight or flight, (panic attacks) when you don't even know why you're in fight or flight.

I offer single session one on one Breathwork, 8 Week breathwork/coaching packages, and also group Breathwork.

See my services page to book with me.

One on One clients and 8 week packages are limited to give my clients the time and attention they deserve.

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