Reiki Healing

What is Reiki anyway?

Yes, to some it sounds weird. Healing with energy? Everything is energy? How can you help me heal from a distance without touching me? I get all the questions.

The woo-woo connotations of energy healing obscure the fact that there is some science to back up the benefits of Reiki.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice built upon that thought that it charges the body with positive energy, in turn, clearing and healing our own energy pathways and allowing our "life force" to flow in a healthy, natural way.

It involves the transfer of qi (or chi) through a practitioner's palms, usually through direct touch or "laying of hands". (In Eastern medicine, qi is the energy life force that flows through all of us,

The intent is always to balance qi in order to achieve optimal health.

While our mind often blocks out certain emotions or experiences as a coping mechanism, the body remembers it all. We store emotions and traumas in our bodies when we don't even realize it.

When you store negative emotions and trauma in your body it can cause energy blocks and dis-ease.

Having a Reiki session done can clear these blocks.

Benefits of Reiki sessions-

Promotes Healing and well being of the body.

Helps with Pain management

Encourages rest and time with self

Encourages mental clarity

Releases stress and tension

Relieves depression

Reduces anxiety

Aids relaxation

Improves sleep

Smoothes digestion

Reiki is believed to aid in centering you—allowing you time to focus on yourself and your emotions. A 2017 study found that reiki worked better than a placebo in terms of managing health conditions and showed promise for use as a post-operative therapy. (It's currently used by certain hospitals or for those in need of cancer support or drug and alcohol rehabilitation).

What's more, the study noted that reiki "activates the parasympathetic nervous system to heal body and mind."

Reiki also has an impact on mental health and pain, specifically among older adults suffering from depression. The participants of that study found the practice to be relaxing and calming, with reiki intervention "significantly [improving] measures of pain, depression, and anxiety when compared with those who did not receive the intervention."

To prepare for your session-

Refrain from drinking alcohol, coffee, and sugary drinks at least three hours before your session. It's also a good idea to decompress a bit before your session—you can take a short walk, practice deep breathing exercises, or do a meditation session about an hour to 30 minutes before your appointment.

Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing. Yoga pants and a cotton T-shirt are great options. ( Yes, you stay fully clothed for this)

The Reiki is always working, and because it's energy, the more you open to it, the easier you're able to receive the full benefits during your treatment.


You may feel very relaxed during a session, some clients even fall asleep. You may feel tingling in your body, warmth, either very hot, freezing cold, or like I'm unable to breathe, or experience memory flashes (among other things)—all the different ways your body can respond.

People feel many different things during a treatment, None is better than another. It's your way of connecting to the energy. Sometimes it's a release, an opening, deep healing, or simply flow and movement back in the body. We are all unique in our healing, so how we receive it becomes a part of that uniqueness too. Not one client or student I've ever worked on has had the exact same experience, and that's part of the magic.

After session- Give yourself a little time for self care. Drink Water.

Depending on your session, you could feel incredibly euphoric and experience a significant mood boost, or you could feel tired and maybe been a bit drained and fatigued. It's advised that you clear some time on your schedule (even just 20 minutes) after your session to help process your feelings and mood.

If you'd like to Schedule your 45 min Reiki session with me either in person or distance go to this page.

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