Normalizing Mental Health Disorders.

CBD whole flower fluid is what got me off antidepressants that I was on for over 20 years.

I am passionate about sharing it and helping others.

I will say right here at the top, do not just stop taking your antidepressants.

Talk to your doctor and wean off.

That being said..........

I've been seeing this post floating around Facebook and I'd love to address it.

Stay with me here......get past what the post says......

"So, this is how the post goes......

Sertraline- Zoloft

Venlafaxine- Effexor

Citalopram- Celexa


Fluoxetine- Prozac

Duloxetine- Cymbalta

Seroquel- Quetiapine

Lamictal- Lamotrigine

Lexapro- Escitalopram

Wellbutrin- Bupropion

Lorazepam- Ativan

Klonopin- Clonazepam

If you're savvy enough to know what these tablets are or know a loved one who takes them, then I don't have to describe to you what this post is regarding. But in case you don't, I will fill you in.

That medication allows people to deal with a normal day to day life. Although most days it leaves them tired, spaced out, emotionless, or even super emotional. Crazy right? Why would anyone want to feel like that? Well this is why!!

You see, some people suffer from severe depression and anxiety.

In their brain it doesn't sit right, something seems different. They notice little differences that other people wouldn't.

Most days they wake up sick and feel sleepless.

They consistently over think every situation. Was a comment about them was it a joke? Was that person supposed to laugh? Or did they mean it? Are they being nice? Are they talking about them? Do they talk about them? They then think I bet they don’t like me really.

They say sorry all the time. They feel like they annoy everyone.

And for all those questions they will spend hours trying to answer. Let it all build up in their mind, until it sends them to tears...... it's mental that they see things that way.

It's not only mental changes, but physical changes. They don't eat a lot or they eat way too much. Insomnia, up all night answering questions to situations that don't even exist, or sleep too much and waste half their day still feeling tired.

They still smile and they have every excuse for when you ask why.

But the tablets can help them.

Because they know when they start to feel this way or think this way, they need help.

They know that when their behavior starts to change, They need guidance.

And they understand that they don't need to be ashamed. They don't need to be understood. They just need to be accepted. Everyone is fighting a battle and sometimes you need to be kinder.

So I may just be another person who's talking about mental health....

Living with this illness is hard, but trying to understand it, is even harder. It’s also 100 times harder if they have another condition on top of this.

Don't suffer in silence.❤"

I agree with a lot of this post. Anxiety is a beast and absolutely causes many of these issues.

It effects our daily life, relationships, friendships, jobs, having fun, etc.

People should not be suffering in silence.

It needs to be talked about.

Mental health IS as important as physical health. You can't really have one without the other.

We are in a time in the world right now where Anxiety is running rampant. For the last few years with all the fear on social media and tv about the dis-ease going around.

Anxiety is something that I lived with my entire life. Pretty sure I was born with it, genes, and living in the energy of it from my mother, ( Not her fault, she had her own stuff going on) .

I was a very anxious child and worried a lot about everything.

It's not something that disappeared.

I still deal with it, and I still dealt with it on antidepressants for 20+ years.

The thing about this post that is floating around is that it doesn't tell you that antidepressants don't solve all the problems.

Sometimes it causes more problems.

That sometimes when you start taking them you feel WORSE.

That sometimes you need to try different kinds before you feel better, and for some people, none of them work.

They don't tell you that there are weird side effects which are different for everyone, like head zaps if you forget to take a day, ( Which I had alot, and I would think, what is this doing to my brain if it gives my brain zaps if I don't take it for a day?

It can make you feel more depressed and suicidal.

It can take away your sex drive.

It can make you numb to emotions, which you would think would be a good thing if you're numb to anxiety, but it makes you numb to other emotions too, like empathy, and happiness.

You just become, well, kinda there.

As someone who took these for over 20 years, I am not totally against them, I think in some circumstances it could save someone's life, but they do also make people take their lives.

Do you see what I'm saying here?

That YES, we should normalize mental illness. It's nothing to be ashamed of.


Many times the underlining issues are not addressed.

Even for myself, I went in, ( 20 plus years ago, said, I have anxiety. my siblings all have it too, they take paxil, it helps them, and the doctor said, " Ok, we will put you on paxil"

That was IT.

I never had blood levels checked to see if I was low in vitamins.

Which by the way, Deficiency in vitamin D and iron can absolutely cause depression and mood issues.

Having low magnesium levels can cause anxiety.

Thyroid problems can cause depression and anxiety.

Life circumstances being overwhelming can cause depression and anxiety.

That doesn't mean you just swallow a pill and everything gets better.

Just throwing people on meds like this is dangerous.

I know of many, many people that this is the case, put on meds without any blood work, without any therapy or coaching.

It's NOT OK.

Also, please don't ever just stop taking antidepressants.

I do suggest CBD whole flower fluid to people, and I also suggest supplements, but It is dangerous for people to just stop taking anti-depressants. Please wean slowly with the care of your doctor. Start the CBD and the supplements, and then start the weaning process.

If you have questions, feel free to message me.

If you'd like to order CBD fluid go here.

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