Network Marketing~ Do those words make you happy or cringe?

You don't know what you don't know...

I have seen people cringe when I said I do Network Marketing.

Because they heard about "those companies" that just take all your money, you never make anything, and they are a pyramid scheme.

But guess what?

It's not a scheme at all.

I've been doing Network Marketing for many years.

I went through the struggles, not knowing what to do or how to do it, having crappy uplines and no teams.

I appreciate the journey and everything I went through, I have learned SO much, and i've grown a ton in this industry.

This industry is Self growth on steroids.

Not even joking.

You will reinvent yourself on this journey.

My team is like my family, It would be yours too. People that want the same things you do, to help others, time freedom and financial freedom.

You will improve your health, and improve your character.

I take care of my team and they take care of me, That is what network marketing is.

In this industry, if you bring in people to do the business with you, you help them.

By helping them, you make money.

If you don't help others you don't make money. It's simple.

It's not just you spend money on product, or have a garage full of products and then you don't make any money.

This is a business. You do NOT have to keep stock of products.

Do you need to purchase products?

Yes. of course you do.

If you owned a restaurant would you be buying products, materials, whatever you needed for your business?

You buy products that you would use anyway.

If you don't use health and wellness products, don't join a health and wellness business.

But do you drink coffee? Use toothpaste?

I already use these products and love them, so I would be buying them regardless.

But I would rather share them and help others with their health, and earn income while i'm already buying these products.

Does that make sense?

Many people drink coffee every morning. Why not buy the coffee from your own business?

It's better coffee than you could buy at a store.

Most people need supplements.

Most people are not getting their nutrients from food. So Health and wellness is a good place to be.

Many people have issues going on in their bodies, such as anxiety, depression, digestive issues, low energy, mood problems, etc.

Instead of giving Target or the local health food store your money, you purchase plant based products from yourself.

That's it. You switch where you buy your products.

They work for you, you feel better, you lose weight, your mood is better, your anxiety is you SHARE them with others.

That is what Network marketing is.

You network.

You find people who want help.

They want help with their well being, their health, and finances.

You help them, which in turn, helps you.

Does that sound like a scheme to you?

You can impact people's lives.

There are moms out there that want to be home with their kids. Or they are home, but would like to bring income in while being home.

There are people out there working jobs they hate and feeling crappy, they need you.

This is do able.

There's definitely a stigma around Network Marketing.

The whole " pyramid" question makes zero sense to me.

It makes me laugh because most companies are in the shape of a pyramid.

There's someone at the top.






It's a pyramid.

Those are the "scheme".

Most of those you are not learning mindset work, self growth, or having a team that supports you, your working for someone else for 40-60 hours a week and never have free time or see your friends and family and live for weekends.

Which one is the "scheme"?

Maybe that's a paradigm that you are believing?

Maybe, just maybe Network Marketing is a better solution for you and your family then the 40 hour work week?

Maybe you could build a business from your phone?

Yes, you have to invest some money.

If you were going to start a brick and mortar business, you would spend thousands on getting everything you need.

This isn't thousands.

You buy a starter pack of things you will use to better your health.

You love the products, and then you share them.

Network Marketing, yes, you bring people in.

Some people are very turned off by the word " recruiting" frankly I don't like it much either.

It's not about that. I'm not a "recruiter".

I help people.

It's about finding people that want help! People that want the time freedom to work from home, to earn an income from home, or adding income as a plan B, or vacation money, or whatever.

They are out there. ( You may be one of them!)

But it's not you bring people in so the person at the top can make all the money like the corporate structure.

In Network Marketing you bring people in, but then you are successful by helping THEM be successful.

It's not bring people in and leave them to fend for themselves.

If that's your experience you joined the wrong company/team.

I know people that have a real bad taste in their mouth about it, and won't even purchase products if they know it's Network Marketing.

It's only because they don't understand.

They would rather give their money to a big store than help out someone with their small business.

Some people are NOT opened minded.

To each his own, those are not your people.

Most of that comes from people doing the business the wrong way and turning people off, Or people joining and not really understanding what they need to do.

Most people don't understand how it really works.

What Network marketing can provide is a residual income, and time freedom.

It will provide you with another family that supports your dreams and desires, prays for you, builds you up, helps your grow emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Gets you out of your shell, helps you feel a part of something and not alone. People to vacation with. :)

You will grow in many ways.

So is it a scam/scheme?

Absolutely not.

Is it a real business and you have to do work?


It's not sign up and buy products and you will magically make money.

If someone told you that, they lied.

It's called NETWORK Marketing for a reason.

You Network.

You talk to people.

You find people who need you!!

You don't look at it as "selling".

That had me stuck for a long time, " I'm no good at sellling". " I hate sales".


People feel better from taking what I share.

I help people.

I would be doing them a disservice if I didn't share what I have on my hands.

Not only the products, but the team ( family) the support, the growth, the extra money.

People need this, they just don't understand it so they poo-poo it.

Which is why I felt the need to write this blog. :)

So if you've made it this far and are interested,.......Here's a little more info for you.

Our company has plant based products that IMPACT people's health.

They work.

You WILL see a difference.

Our number one seller is our medical grade collagen.

Second seller is our digestive enzyme, pre/probiotic called Enrich.

We also have a CBD whole flower fluid (. not oil), an amazing coffee with vitamins and nootropics to help your mood and sustained energy, helps cravings, weight loss and more.

We also have other vitamins and minerals that help many different things.

We have two testimony groups that you can join and read about all the ways these products have helped thousands of people.

You can make 50% commission. No other company does this.

You get paid weekly on that.

You have the opportunity every single month to make $,1000 bonus.

Your jeep payment gets paid for at the first rank. ( yes you have to drive a jeep, why wouldn't you want to? They are amazing!)

We provide an amazing team that helps you grow in so many ways.

Four different lives a week.

Mindset training.

Product training.

Business training.

Texts everyday to help you know what to post on FB everyday to grow your business.

Support, support, support.

The opportunity is here for you.

If you want more info on it, Send me a message to my fb messenger below, OR email me at ( Messenger is better!)

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