How does the body speak with "Dis-ease"? ( My story with cancer)

I can use myself as a perfect example.

In 2010 my Obgyn found a lump on the side of my neck.

She said it was most likely just a swollen lymph node and to keep an eye on it.

I hadn't been sick with a cold or anything so I thought it was odd I would have a swollen lymph node.

I watched it and a week or so later it was not gone so I made an appt with an ENT doctor.

Within a few weeks they needle biopsied the lump and it was indeed cancer.

The cancer itself started in my tongue and had spread to one lymph node in my. neck.

Thankfully it did, or it may not have been caught.

So, in the Western Medicine world, I had tongue cancer because of a virus called HPV.

That is what I knew to be the only truth for the first 4 years after going through the cancer.

But is it REALLY how it manifested?

Keep reading........

I had surgeries, was on a feeding tube for 7 weeks, and then PET scans every three months for 2 years.

The farther out you get with this particular head & neck cancer the less chance of it coming back.

After I hit the 7 year mark my doctor told me, it's most likely never coming back.

You have has much chance of it coming back as any other person getting it.

But going through this took me on the journey to where I am now.

It started 5 years after the cancer, I decided to become a Health Coach.

I went through the year class and became a Certified Health Coach.

Then the world of energy healing came into my life.

I. know it was led by God because theres just no other way to explain it.

I went from the world of Christianity to a world I didn't even know existed.

I learned how our bodies are energy and how energy effects everything. That we can move energy in our bodies and in other peoples.

A simple way to explain energy is when you walk into a room where two people may be fighting and you just FEEL the tension, you just "know" something isn't right. Yes?

Or you sit down next to someone and without them even speaking, you know something is wrong.

You feel "butterflies" in your stomach when you meet someone new, or you feel that lump in your throat when you're nervous about something.

Those are signals.

Our body gives us signals.

So for me, the cancer in the tongue area, it started as an energy blockage in my tongue.

Ever heard the term " bite your tongue"?

Like keep your mouth shut?

Be quiet?

Well, I did that my entire childhood and adult life until I learned this.

I didn't speak my truths.

I held back from speaking my thoughts, desires, feelings, etc.

So what happened?

I created a block in my throat chakra, and years and years of it, it finally manifested as a tumor on my tongue.

Crazy right?

I have learned that I can NOT hold back when something needs to be said. I have to get it out some how, even if it makes me uncomfortable.

Many times my body will speak in that area by my throat being very phlegmy.

Like I feel like I have to clear my throat.

That's a signal to me that I am holding back speaking something I need to speak.

Your body is speaking to you as well.

Our emotions are not just psychological experiences but effect the whole body.

I can help you uncover where your emotions are causing blockages in your body and help you to heal your own body.

Becoming aware of these things BEFORE they manifest into some sort of DIS-EASE is the what I help you with.

If there is already dis-ease we can work through clearing the blockages so you can bring harmony to your emotional and physical health.

If you'd like to work with me, click the link below.

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