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Updated: Aug 3

The key is get to the root of things BEFORE you manifest a dis-ease.

Many times people don't come to me until they have a real issue going on.

Not saying it's too late, it's definitely not, things can be released and healed at any time.

I get many questions on what these are exactly and how it all works.

The scans are done from distance.

I am in my home office and you are at your home, relaxing in a chair or bed.

You don't have to do anything. Relax. Sleep. Listen to music. BREATHE.

Focus on your breathe.

I have done them while people are working, or cleaning or driving. It doesn't matter.

The less I know about you the easier these are for me because my head/ego can't get in the way.

I don't ask people what's wrong or what they want me to work on before the scan. I just do it.

If there's specific issues you want healing for, I'd save it for a follow up after the initial body scan.

What I do is connect with you, your higher self, Spirit/God/Jesus.

I ask how I can best help you on your journey.

Everything is based on intuition, I Just keep following where spirit leads me, from the color pencils I use, to what i'm led to write, color, pull cards, grab a book, it's all led by spirit.

Every single client reading is different.

I normally start at the Crown Chakra and just listen for what I'm being told.

I use colored pencils and grab whatever color I am led to and just go to the paper and start coloring or writing. It just flows out.

It's very hard to describe what comes of one of these because they are all so unique.

Sometimes it's more about the body and changes that can be made, such as food changes, adding or taking away, supplements, etc.

Most of the time, it has zero to do with food or supplements, but all emotions and what is going on in the body because of emotions being held.

A few examples from this week, I started a scan and right away saw a sinus infection and what she needed to do for it. Then it proceeded to other things going on in her life and her own spiritual journey.

Next person wasn't a lot about physical symptoms but much about emotional issues going on and what to do with those. But in great detail.

I also do clearings/healings while I am going through the body.


That started with becoming a Reiki Master and learning Energy Healing.

I don't really use Reiki anymore, or the symbols, I just use Jesus/Spirit/LOVE to heal.

I'm just a vessel.

Sometimes I will see a blockage and remove it, or ask Jesus to remove it.

I have watched him ( In my mind) remove things from people's bodies.

I don't have all the answers for this.

I just know it works.

I guess similar to people praying?

It's energy.

We are energy.

I do NOT diagnose with these body scans. I will not do a scan on you and tell you that you have cancer or some life threatening illness.

I do not ever tell someone to stop taking medications.

I do tell people to consult their doctor before doing that.

I do make suggestions with letting go of emotions, changing eating, or adding supplements to your daily intake.

But. much more of it is what is going on in your life and what emotions you are holding on to in your body.

Many times emotions can manifest as dis-ease in our bodies.

An example would be resentment.

Resentment can eat away at the body, and become cancer.

Criticism as a permanent habit can lead to arthritis in the body.

Guilt can create pain.

Punishing yourself for the past can cause issues.

There's just so many different things that go on with the mind/body connection.

Healing is multi-dimensional. Spirit/Mind/Body all go together.

As an Intuitive healer my work not only focuses on the physical body but also on the mind, the emotions, and soul.

I tune into the the clients current story, their body, their energy field, and their eternal story, and how that all effects their well being.

I perceive people's secrets, emotions, fears and struggles. I find beliefs, hidden pains, hidden joys, emotions, agony and also future potential and possibilities.

I am empathetic, compassionate, and everything is of course confidential, and without judgement.

I never tap into someones space or read anyone without their permission.

The most powerful healings can come at the energetic level.

Most societies rely on healing at the mental or physical level, most are not aware of the energetic level of health and healing.

The Energetic Realm is ultimately the most effective healing method because the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes after sessions people will say that aliments they had are gone.

I can't explain to you how it all works, all I know is it does.

The energy exchange for these scans is $155

If you'd like to book a reading~

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