Called to the bullshit so I can help others.....

Ok, maybe it's not all bullshit but a lot of it is.

Learn lessons to help others. 🙄

This is the story of my life.

It’s how I got started in the coaching world and it just gets deeper and deeper.

Evolve or remain the same is the name of my life game apparently.

I know I’m here to help others.

It’s my purpose in this lifetime.

Maybe you feel the same calling?

It’s no joke because if you feel called to help others I can almost guarantee you are given lessons to give you empathy for others.

I’ve been through the childhood traumas, the loss of a parent at a young age, cancer, divorce, and still learning lessons on a daily basis.

But it all leads me back to now I can help someone else who is going through where I’ve been.

I was telling a friend this morning, why is it that we have to keep learning all these lessons and growing ans some people just have normal childhoods, marriages and health. Lol

She said to me exactly what i KNEW she’d say, we choose it in this lifetime.

We wanted to be badasses and break cycles and heal ancestral wounds and change things for our daughters and those to come after us.

We are healing not only ourselves but the women who walk beside us.

When I’m walking the neighborhood crying because I’m yet again healing up another wound from childhood~ I’ll say, “I'm sick of this shit. Can I be done with the lessons now?”

But when I can walk along side another women and help her heal herself, it’s ALL worth it.

🙌🏻🔥♥️ 💨🌙

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