Be the change.....What do you really want?

Moms- Nothing will change until YOU change. I speak to myself here. It’s not about the coffee.

It’s about the mind. It’s about dreams. It’s about willingness. Sure, I share mojo coffee cause it’s amazing and organic and has things in it that actually boost your mood. But what’s behind this coffee?

The words- BE THE CHANGE. The company- the vehicle to get the change.

Network marketing gets poo poo’ed.

People say it’s a scam or too hard, you don’t make any money. That’s just not true. It’s the attitude. It’s the willingness. It’s catching the vision of not so much having the material things, but the time freedom to do what you want with the 24 hours of your day. It’s being home during the day to help your spouse, to be there for your kids, to be able to spend time outside. That was the vision that drew me in 18 years ago to different companies.

But what I didn’t understand is, it’s not just about the products.

It’s about the mindset. About sharing a vision, not just a product.

There’s SO many women on my fb that are struggling, or want to be home, want a circle of women who support them, want better health, better mood but they say, “I can’t sell”, or “ I hate selling”.

You know what? ME TOO.

But, when you choose your hard, what would you rather have?

Would you rather leave home everyday, go somewhere you don’t want to go, send your kids to daycare, not see your spouse all day, lose your health because your stressed and tired and complain and say thats hard and sucks or build a business on the side with a circle of women wanting the same thing, and don’t quit until your there?

To share a vision with other moms, that maybe they can have what they desire?

The coffee is amazing. The collagen is amazing. The plant based supplements are amazing. But what’s behind the products is even more amazing.

You can just say life sucks, I hate my job, I hate taking my kids to daycare, I hate that gas is so expensive, I hate that I can’t be home. OR…… You can join us, and move toward the life you want. Would an extra $500-$1,000 a month help you? Would your Car payment being paid for every month help you?

What if you could get that from using your phone? MOJO morning inspirational zooms twice a week, with prayers and uplifting messages?

If you want change, BE IT.

Message me to join us sisters on this journey..

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