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Who am I?

Childhood Trauma, loss of parent at young age, feeling lost as a teen, looking for love in all the wrong places, cancer, divorce.....



A women who is in the process of learning to know, accept, and love herself on all levels.

Focuses on personal growth and self awareness.

A women who understands she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants.

A women  who is inspired to give to those around her and walk beside & hold space for the beautiful  Goddesses in her life.


The badass who is breaking family cycles & curses and old ancestral crap that was passed down energetically.


 I"m also a Mom to four amazing souls who chose me as their mama in this life and all the challenge that came with it.  

They are strong souls who are also empaths and teachers.

Girlfriend to Joe, another beautiful soul who came here to learn some hard lessons, beat them, share them, and challenge me to heal wounds I didn't know were there. 

He's also a pretty amazing chef. 

My Title?  I really don't love titles or certifications, but if you want one~ 

 Healing Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, Certified Life and Mindset Coach, Reiki Master and Breathwork facilitator.

My Heart and Soul is to walk along side other women, hold space, listen, tap into their higher self for them until they can, tap into spirits guidance and open them to healing themselves. 

It's what I am here to do this life time. 

I desire to guide women to a place of Healing in whatever way that looks to YOU.

Everyone is at a different place in life and needs different things.



Are you feeling ~

Stressed out & Anxious? Have panic attacks?


Have you been through Cancer or Divorce?


Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels living in survival mode?


Relationships suffering?

Do you have Chronic Pain/Dis-Ease?


Would you you like to~


Release Stress/Anxiety

Reduce Blood Pressure

Sleep Better

Feel Better

Release Trauma

Have Better Digestion

Help with Addictions

Improve Lung Function

Improve your Immune response

Help Mood swings........

Breath work is an active meditation technique based on controlled hyperventilation breathing. This ancient technique has the power to shift your state of consciousness so that you can explore your emotions from today, from yesterday, from thirty years ago, or even those of your family and the collective society in which we function and interact. Emotions that got unconsciously suppressed wire your brain in a dysfunctional way which has negative consequences on your daily life. Untangling these blind spots somatically through breath work enables you to release these emotions and internal blockages to finally move on and build a better life.

Breath work can be a fast track to transformation.

When we breathe deeply and move energy around, we move things on a subconscious level, we release things in the body that cause rapid and massive healing.

The conscious mind shuts down and we are able to tap into the subconscious mind.

~New Insights, reframing old beliefs

~Feeling more alive

~Feeling more peace, calm, centered

~Trauma Release

~Subconscious Programming

~Belief Clearing

~Access to non ordinary state of consciousness

~Nervous system regulation

~Mood & Emotional regulation


Lucia Kerr

Amy did an intuitive body scan for me and it was mind blowing, she pointed out a few things that I needed to address that I had buried so deep within myself that I actually stopped thinking about or even paying attention.  It was great and I have been able to work on areas of myself that needed a great deal of attention. <3<3 all I can do is say thank you and appreciate what you have brought to my attention.  You are an amazing person with an extra amazing gift.

Meegan J

 I wanted to keep my review "clean" but holy f%$@ you are one of a kind Amy!!! I'll be honest I had no idea what to expect from the intuitive body scan but WOW was the report on point. I knew about some things but others not so much and though the info I have received has/is helping me physically, emotionally and spiritually to heal and better my overall wellness. 

In the past I used to get so frustrated knowing when something was off with my health but no doctors could tell me what and tests showed nothing. I wish you were around then lol But seriously, you have an amazing gift and I can't recommend you enough especially to those willing to look into alternative ways.


Thank you so so much Amy 

Amy Kismet

Amy is such a loving and gentle soul. She did an intuitive body scan on me, which was the first time I had that done. She was so accurate my jaw dropped. She is so gifted and has such a loving way about her. I highly recommend working with Amy!!

Kristy Marie 

I recently had an intuitive body scan with Amy! :) I was a little nervous because I had no idea what to except.  The following day, I got an email touching on everything that was going on in my life and things I was trying not to "see" or acknowledge.  Amy definitely shined light on what was going on and what I needed to do. I feel more hopeful now that I am on the right path and doing the things I should be doing to "rise up" and show up for myself more in my life and make small tweaks to my daily regime to help my overall health. <3 I really appreciate Amy's gift and the friend she has become in the process of working with me. I would highly recommend doing the scan, it may give you some valuable insights you have been needing and looking for. <3 Happy New Year and Thank you again Amy!

Lauren Kessler

My Intuitive Body Scan was absolutely incredible. Amy picked up on things I thought I had rid myself of but I now know I need to work on some more. She also picked up on blocks that explain so much of what’s going on. I can’t say enough good things about Amy and her amazing gifts!


Kris Hauser

I Wanted to share how grateful I am for my session with you Amy Elizabeth. Amy your divinely guided info/insight/inspiration for me, resonated deeply, I am now able, to do much work on my own for the healing I need/deserve, to continue my souls purpose. Look forward to another session in the not too distant future.

Kelly K

I didn’t know what to expect before I experienced a breath work session with Amy Elizabeth.  We tend to fear the unknown, right?

Amy explained how her breath work sessions contribute to healing.  She explained how my body may respond and why those responses occur.  
She reassured me I would be safe.  

I felt comforted and ready to proceed.

As a practitioner of Alternative Health Care myself, I sincerely believed I had worked through and eliminated the trauma of a years prior, near-death experience.  
Turns out, I had more to release.  Imagine that!
More of that trauma surfaced during my breath work session.

Amy encouraged me to continue to breathe through the memory and allow the release.

My physical body shifted through feeling heavy and stuck to the floor, to feeling like I was floating and then being gently rocked.

My release was expressed through blissful laughter!  What a powerful experience!
I felt truly free and so very joyful.
I’m grateful to have had the experience and the opportunity to explore another wonderful way to heal myself.

To anyone looking to heal, I urge you to experience a breath work session with Amy Elizabeth.  It’s an amazing awareness!


Womens Circle Transformational Breathwork

Next scheduled-

Sunday Oct-9th

9 to 10:30am 

Reaching Tree Tops Yoga

820 N Grand Ave, Waukesha

Bring a yoga mat, blanket & eye covering.

Sunday October 23rd 9am to 10:30am

Well House 1900

612 Milwaukee St.

Delafield, WI,53018

Bring Yoga mat, blanket, Eye Covering.

Saturday November 6th, 9am to 10:30am

Evolve Studio

139 E Capitol Dr, Hartland

Bring Yoga mat, Blanket, Eye Covering.

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